Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement tells you what types of user data we collect, how we use that data, and how you can access and change information about you.
If you have additional questions about privacy practices or would like to receive more information, please contact us at

What personal information do we collect from our users?

Customer data is collected in order to better serve you, and we make reasonable efforts to ensure the security of your personal data and to treat it reasonably. We collect the personal data that users give us when they choose to buy a product from Trimax or when they use our site. For example, when you sign up for Trimax, we ask that you provide us with information about your name, email address, residential address and telephone number. If you purchase a product again, we will also ask you for shipping address and / or billing address information.
Trimax registration is mandatory upon purchase.

What other types of customer data do we collect?

If you ask us to deliver a purchased product to another person, we will ask you for the name and address or email address of the person to whom you are sending or recommending the product, as well as your name and contact details.
Our system also monitors which browser, Internet Service Provider (IP) and IP address you use to access our site. To help us understand the use of our site by our visitors and to improve your shopping experience, we also automatically collect data about how you are referred to our site, how you navigate the site and who the products you are looking for, as well as your purchasing activities.
When a visitor searches for a site or places an order from the Trimax site, our web servers automatically identify you and enter the HTTP request made to them, as follows:
• The IP address of the site that may have referred you.
• Your IP address.
• The website from which you connected to us.
• Product identifier for browser version and brand (eg Internet Explorer 7.0).
• The operating system you are using (for example Mac OS, Windows, Linux).

How do we collect this data?

When you register on Trimax, we collect the personal data you give us about you in a separate profile, and at the same time we add to this profile the other personal data as you leave it to us. We also collect data on the products you buy and other uses on the site.
We collect the remaining data through the use of cookies.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies improve our ability to serve you. They are basically pieces of text that a website (in this particular Trimax example) stores on your computer. This cookie can be accessed through the website when you visit our site again.
There are two types of cookies: cookies for the current session and persistent cookies. The current session cookies will stop very soon after you end your online session. Permanent cookies are stored on your hard drive until they expire or are deleted. Both types of cookies help you to provide an enhanced user experience as they remember your shopping preferences, shopping cart information and your password.
We understand that not everyone wants to allow the use of cookies. The Help option on most search engines will tell you how to disable cookies, but we recommend that you leave cookies enabled in order to take full advantage of the shopping features available on our site.

Do visitors need to leave personal information to use our site?

No personal information is required to access or navigate the site. However, you will be asked to register and provide personal information if you wish to purchase a particular product. Personal data is also required if you ask us for information or assistance or to use certain optional features from our site.

What if a visitor does not want to leave us personal information online?
You have the right to request products on our site.

How do we protect our users’ personal data?

All your personal data is stored on restricted access servers. These servers are maintained by our hosting provider, and the servers that store this data are stored in a locked device with limited access.

How do we use our customer data?

Nie gi koristime vašite lični podatoci za obrabotka na vašite porački. Ova vklučuva na primer, da ve kontaktirame so cel da ja potvrdime vašata poračka, ispolnuvanje na poračkata i nejzina isporaka. Pokraj ova, ḱe gi koristime podatocite za da vi ispratime vesti od Trimaks ili ostanati promotivni izvestuvanja, ili pak za da odgovorime na baranjata za informacii ili pomoš od naša strana. Voedno, može da gi koristime vašite lični podatoci za podobruvanje na našite uslugi i za ostanati delovni celi. Na primer, povremeno gi revidirame podatocite za korisnicite kako del od servisiranjeto na našite smetki. Isto taka može povremeno da ve informirame vo vrska so uslugite koi gi nudime i za da sobereme informacii za načinot na koj možeme da gi podobrime. Konečno, gi analizirame informaciite koi gi dobivame od kolačinjata vo vrska so pristapot na našite korisnici i dviženje niz našiot sajt, kako i nivnite aktivnosti na pregleduvanje i kupuvanje so cel podobruvanje na našite uslugi i iskustvata povrzani so kupuvanjeto na našite korisnici. Kako gi spodeluvame ličnite podatoci za korisnicite so treti lica? Može da spodeluvame podatoci so vladini agencii ili drugi kompanii koi ni pomagaat vo sprečuvanjeto na izmama ili istragi. Ova može da go storime vo slednive slučai: (1) koga e dozvoleno ili e zakonski naloženo; ili, (2) koga se pravat obidi za zaštita od ili sprečuvanje na potencijalna izmama ili neovlasteni transakcii; ili, (3) pri istraga na izmama koja veḱe se slučila. Podatocite ne im se dostavuvaat na ovie kompanii zaradi celi na reklamiranje. ISo cel da gi obrabotime vašite porački i baranja, vašeto ime, adresa, a ponekogaš i vašata imejl adresa ili telefonski broj gi dostavuvame na drugi lica, kako na primer platežni kompanii i servisi za isporaka na pratki. Kako treti lica može da koristime agenti, konsultanti i izveduvači za izvršuvanje na delovni funkcii vo naše ime, vklučuvajḱi službi za griža na korisnici, servisiranje na smetki, istražuvanje na korisnici, marketing, obezbeduvanje na IT uslugi i održuvanje na zapisite. Na ovie lica im ovozmožuvame pristap do ličnite podatoci za našite korisnici so cel izvršuvanje na ovie funkcii za nas. Nie NE gi ovlastuvame da gi koristat ovie informacii za nikakvi drugi celi. Pokraj ova, nie spodeluvame vaši lični podatoci koga dobrovolno koristite odredeni izborni karakteristiki od našiot sajt. Go zadržuvame pravoto da gi spodeluvame vašite lični podatoci kako što e zakonski pobarano ili vo sorabotka so pravni vlasti i da gi sprovedeme Opštite Uslovi koi go ureduvaat koristenjeto na ovoj sajt ili zaradi zaštita na pravata, imotot ili bezbednosta na Trimaks i negovite korisnici. Kako gi spodeluvame ostanatite podatoci za korisnicite so treti lica? Može da spodeluvame informacii koi ne se lični ili podatoci koi ne ja identifikuvaat ličnosta za našite korisnici so grupa na luǵe so koi spodeluvame lični podatoci, kako i so ostanati treti lica, kako na primer prodavači, reklamni agenti ili marketing kompanii. Kako posetitelite na našiot sajt može da gi proverat ili promenat podatocite koi gi sobirame za niv? Vo sekoe vreme možete da go pregledate vašiot ličen profil kaj Trimaks i istiot možete da go korigirate ili ažurirate so toa što ḱe se upatite kon My Account area na našiot veb-sajt. Pokraj ova, možete da gi menuvate ličnite podatoci kako na primer adresa na isporaka ili način na plaḱanje pri poračka so pritiskanje na Check Out (odjava). Našite pretstavnici za griža na korisnici se isto taka podgotveni da vi pomognat pri proveruvanjeto ili menuvanjeto na vašiot ličen profil ili otstranuvanje na vašeto ime od našata lista so kontakti. Dali sobirame lični podatoci od deca? Našiot sajt ne e namenet za koristenje od strana na deca, a našite Opšti Uslovi baraat da imate najmalku 18 godini za da go koristite sajtot.
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We use your personal information to process your orders. This includes, for example, contacting you to confirm your order, fulfilling the order and delivering it. In addition, we will use the data to send you Trimax news or other promotional notices, or to respond to requests for information or assistance from us. At the same time, we may use your personal data to improve our services and for other business purposes. For example, we occasionally revise customer data as part of servicing our accounts. We may also occasionally inform you about the services we offer and to gather information on how we can improve them.
Finally, we analyze the information we receive from cookies about our users ‘access and movement through our site, as well as their review and purchase activities in order to improve our services and our customers’ shopping experiences.

How do we share users’ personal information with third parties?

We may share data with government agencies or other companies that help prevent fraud or investigations. We can do this in the following cases:
(1) when permitted or legally required; or,
(2) when attempts are made to protect against or prevent potential fraud or unauthorized transactions; or,
(3) during an investigation of fraud that has already occurred.

The data is not provided to these companies for advertising purposes.

In order to process your orders and requests, we provide your name, address, and sometimes your email address or telephone number to others, such as payment companies and shipping services.

As third parties, we may use agents, consultants, and contractors to perform business functions on our behalf, including customer care services, account servicing, customer research, marketing, IT services, and record keeping. We provide these individuals with access to the personal data of our users in order to perform these functions for us. We do NOT authorize you to use this information for any other purpose.

In addition, we share your personal information when you voluntarily use certain optional features from our site. We reserve the right to share your personal information as required by law or in cooperation with legal authorities and to enforce the General Terms and Conditions governing the use of this site or for the protection of the rights, property or security of Trimax and its users. >

How do we share other user data with third parties?

We may share non-personal or non-personally identifiable information about our users with a group of people with whom we share personal data, as well as with other third parties, such as salespeople, advertising agents or marketing companies.

How can visitors to our site check or change the data we collect about them?

You can check your Trimax personal profile at any time and you can correct or update it by going to the My Account area on our website. In addition, you can change your personal information such as shipping address or payment method when ordering by pressing Check Out.
Our customer care representatives are also available to assist you in verifying or changing your personal profile or removing your name from our contact list.

Do we collect personal information from children?
Our site is not intended for use by children, and our General Terms and Conditions require that you be at least 18 years of age to use the site.