An old-fashioned guide to love and romance


Нема на залиха

390 ден

Нема на залиха


Publisher:Sakam Knigi

Year of publication: 2015

Author: Kirsty Greenwood

Language of translation: Macedonian

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 358

Countless old-fashioned rules and one modern girl. Jessica Biem is a girl who knows how to have fun. Only at last she forgets to appear at work on time. And in clean clothes. When her best friend and boss comes over and over, Jess suddenly remains unemployed and without a home, so she has no choice but to ask her grandmother. But Matilda Bim does not go well either. Her bestsellers of the time who taught them how to win a man in an old-fashioned way are totally impractical in the 21st century and no one wants to issue them. When an advertising company gives an idea, the granddaughter and grandmother get a chance to provide a roof over their heads by transforming the modern and rebellious Jess into a real old-fashioned lady with the help of Matilda’s first-class advice and experiences …