Angel Call

240 ден


Publisher: Toper

Year of publication: 2012

Author: Guillaume Miso

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 380

Short content:

In the hustle and bustle of New York City’s largest airport, two business people will literally flock to each other. Madeline and Jonathan will quickly gather the broken things and continue each one for their own sake. They have never met before, and they believe that this meeting will not be repeated again. However, hurrying to collect their stuff, they will randomly replace their mobile phones. When they see the error, they will already share more than ten thousand kilometers – he owns a restaurant in San Francisco, and she works in a Parisian flower shop.

although they are aware that they are caught in someone else’s privacy, they will not be able to resist and will check the content of the phone that is in them. However, uninvited curiosity will lead to fascinating discoveries: they will realize that their lives are inextricably linked to a secret that both of us believed would remain hidden forever … The beginning that suggests a romantic comedy will turn into a strained thriller, and the masterful ending will surpass the biggest expectations.