At a wedding

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At a wedding

Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2014

Author: Julie Jails

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 302

Short content:

After the humiliating abandonment of her own wedding, Sidney Sinclair puts an end to ties with men who are afraid of being tied and devoted to a woman. She even makes an entire list that should help her better recognize these scum and scum and run away from them. But when her sister tells her that she will marry after a brief relationship, Sydney gets caught up with a sexy playboy with a phobia of serious ties-the wonderful godfather. Wedding or not, she is determined to ignore Vaughn, because this time she learned the lesson very well.

Special agent Vaughn Roberts always brings the rotten men behind the grids and concierge women in his bed. He is young, successful, handsome, self-confident and has no reason to tie a woman when he can choose them as cookies in a cake shop. But when redhead Sidney refuses to fall to his charm, Vaughn simply can not go on until he completes this mission.