Baby Chef

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Publisher: Irina Nakov and Elena Petkovska

Year of publication: 2017

Author: Irina Nakov and Elena Petkovska

Language of the original: Macedonian

Number of Pages: 280

ISBN: 978-608-66059-0-2

ISBN: 978-608-245-197-8

Feed: soft

“Baby Chef” is a book aimed at raising the awareness of imposing healthy eating habits from the very beginning, in babies from 6 months upwards.

As two mothers whose goal was to ease the everyday life, we created a Baby Chef for us as well as for all those who want to feed their children healthy and to learn with us novelties when it comes to baby food. This chef is for those who want to cook home-made, healthy meals for themselves and their children, and to discover the beauty and smell of freshly prepared foods that will create memories of warmth and love.

That’s why this book “Baby Chef” is dedicated to our children, who were still and still inspired us to start with this story, to all parents, especially to the mothers who cheered us, to our loved ones who always support us as well all those who want and care always have homemade and healthy meals at their table.

With all love, from us for you!

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