Big small lies

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Big small lies

Publisher: Sakam Knigi

Year of publication: 2015

Author: Lien Moriarty

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 380

Short content:

Piriwi School is a small, beautiful primary school near the beach where children learn that violence is uncomfortable and unacceptable. But even so, a evening, parental school event turns into chaos and ends with a death. Merry sirens. Sprinkle people. One parent is dead. Is it a murder, a tragic accident or something completely third? Parivers in Pirwi will discover that small lies can sometimes be the deadliest ….

Big small lies is a mystery that follows the lives of three women and the dangerous little lies that tell them to survive. Madeline is a vigorous quarrel that gives a soul to her friends. She is divorced and fears that the ex-husband will take her child. Celeste is one of those incredibly beautiful women who make the world stand up and stare at them. She has beauty, money, two twins and a beautiful man. But is her life so perfect as it seems? Jane is a young single mother with an overwhelming secret for her age. The three women make friends without knowing that their friendship will end with a great tragedy.