Bulgarian-Macedonian, Macedonian-Bulgarian Dictionary

630 ден


Publisher: Venecija

Year of publication: 2005

Author: Aneta Hristova-Simonovska

Title of the original: Bulgarian-Macedonian, Macedonian-Bulgarian Dictionary

Original language: Bulgarian / Macedonian

Number of Pages: 614

Word Foundation: 100,000 words, expressions and phrases.

Cover: hard

The two-way dictionary is enriched with a short grammar of the Bulgarian language. In it you will find which are the characteristics of the Bulgarian alphabet, you will find more about accent, interpunct characters, nouns, genus, number in nouns, adjectives, genus, number, degree in them, pronouns and everything for them, verbs, times … Except for finding a large selection of words, in the end are the picturesque objects presented and each one is given with a Macedonian and a Bulgarian translation. In the easiest way, parts of the geometry are given …