440 ден


Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2014

Author: Tom Rob Smith

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 440

Short content:

When fear is silenced by the whole nation, one must tell the truth.

In the Soviet Union of Stalin there is no such thing as a crime. And millions of people still live in fear. The slightest doubt about disloyalty or the wrong word spoken at the wrong time can condemn the innocent person to death. Leo Demidov, a war hero with a lovely wife and an idealist, lives in luxury in Moscow, believes he helps create a perfect society. Its only goal is to serve the State.

In that name he arrests, interrogates and kills. However, after the execution of an innocent man, Leo begins to suspect, and soon he receives an order under the same suspicion to conduct an investigation for his wife, Raisa. He is forced to make a decision on whose side he is. Is it ready for the good of the State to give up its beautiful woman and accuse her? Is his wife who looks so gentle and naive really is the woman he thinks he is? The decision is not easy, because even though many might consider it an animal, he really loves Rhys.

Then the impossible happens. In a country where “there is no crime”, a serial killer of children appears that leaves a bloody, perverse trace across the country. But how to capture this monster in a country that does not want to admit that such a thing is possible? Leo is starting his own investigation, and as it ends, probably not even the greatest thrill lovers could be hit …