Churches and Monasteries in Macedonia

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2012

Author: Group of authors

Title of the original: Churches and monasteries in Macedonia

Language of the original: Macedonian / English

Photo: Vlaho Brangolica, MA

Number of Pages: 344

ISBN: 608-204-108-9

Language: Macedonian-English

Cover: soft

Edition: First

Churches and Monasteries in Macedonia is an exhaustive edition that presents sacral Christian temples in Macedonia. This edition is of encyclopedic character, which contains many useful data that can be used by experts and researchers on this subject, to the wider audience. The guide is written in two languages: Macedonian and English, so that the edition can be used outside the borders of Macedonia, has an international character and helps promote Macedonian culture and ecclesiastical heritage outside of the country. At the beginning of the publication, the history of Christianity in Macedonia has been presented since its expansion in the first century, its development through the centuries, the creation of the medieval Samoil state and the creation of an independent church institution and later the creation of the Ohrid Archbishopric, the proclamation of autocephaly, . Today, the MOC diocese has a total of 10 dioceses, out of which three are outside of it (American-Canadian, Australian-New Zealand and European Diocese), and seven are in Macedonia. This monograph represents precisely these seven dioceses that are located on the territory of MKD. After the introductory part on the history of Christianity in Macedonia, the seven dioceses are represented: Skopje, Debar-Kicevo, Prespa-Pelagonia, Bregalnica, Polog-Kumanovo, Strumica and Povardarie. At the end of the work there is a small word that explains the basic terms, symbols and description of their meaning. And finally, the biographies of the heads and metropolitans of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, enriched with their photographs, are presented at the end. Each diocese is marked separately and separated, starts with a picture of a church or a monastery, and then a list of churches and monasteries is located, which are located on a map from the same region, ie. diocese. Each church in the region is vividly and textually represented. The guide abounds with numerous photographs, illustrations and a map of the diocese. The churches in Macedonia are presented, their history, the time period – the century when they are erected, the location, the most important and most famous icons and frescoes for which a church or monastery is known. The church art is represented: fresco painting, carving, icon painting – which are masterpieces and have high artistic values. There are also churches that were educational centers where the church medieval “literature” also developed. Representation of the churches also describes the church architecture.

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