CROATIA, Slovenia and BIH roadmap

200 ден


Publisher: Trimaks

Year of publication: 2017

Dimensions: 96X66 cm

Size: 1: 700 000

Production: Printed konzdruk of 115 g / m2. Lacquered. Packed in a plastic bag.

ISBN: 608-204-094-5

On the road map Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the whole road and rail network is represented, starting from highways, regional, regional, and local roads, which can lead you to any desired destination. The distance from one place to another is marked with numbers, and with appropriate symbols and toponyms all populated places from 100 to 100 000 inhabitants, mountains, rivers, lakes, bays are marked … The road map is represented by a combined method of hypsometric staining and shadow method. On the back side there is an index of populated places and more important terms.

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