Culmination point

390 ден


Publisher: Sakam Knigi

Year of publishing: 2011

Author: Pamela Claire

The journalist Natalie Benoit’s official journey turns into hell at a time when a Mexican cartel kills almost all of her colleagues on the bus and takes her as a hostage. One claustopic girl picked up her luggage as an animal, then locked in an abandoned house amidst a desert in a foreign land. Zack McBride’s hell starts much earlier than that of Natalie. In the days of the day, they are tormenting this marshal, an ex-soldier, a synonym for courage. For Natalie – he is just a voice that will speak from the darkness in the cell to her … and her last hope to stay alive. A woman with a strong will for life. A man decided to bring home alive even at the cost of his own life. A run through the scary desert. One love that starts to burn where only ash is left.