Dark places

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Dark places

Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2014

Author: Gillian Flynn

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 345

Short content:

In a small peaceful town where all people know each other and live nicely, a massacre takes place. A mother was killed along with her two little daughters. The smallest daughter, Libby Day, manages to escape through the window. and his brother, Ben Dey, was charged with murdering his family and sentenced to life in prison, Libby Day, then only seven years old, and was a key witness in closing her brother.

Now, after twenty-five years, Libby is a lover and fills her days with constant thinking about suicide. She still has not finished the massacre, and who could? But, as she thinks that can not be worse, a group of people are convinced that she has placed the wrong person in jail with her confused childish behavior. She still did not see the killer, just heard his voice. Is Ben possible to be innocent? Is there any family secret that Libby could discover or she just deceives because she wants to return to the brother? Libby begins to investigate and realizes that everyone in the family had some secret that day … and especially Ben. Who made the massacre?