Disappear without a trace

440 ден


Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2012

Author: Shevi Stiveno

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 350

Short content:

A hot summer morning, when an E-35 year old real estate salesman leaves his home to go to a house presentation, she only has three goals: to sell the same house, to forget the quarrel with her mother and that morning and get in time for dinner with her nice and patient boy. The presentation of the house does not go brightly, so when the last visitor arrives just as Annie prepares to leave, she thinks that happiness will finally make her smile. The reality is far from it.

Half bitter drama, half-uncertain thriller, Annie tells her story through her psychiatrist’s sessions. One year spent in a deserted mountain hut, one for a year kidnapped, beaten, isolated, raped, molested and brutalized. And then, after her final release, she begins to ask the answers to the question: Why? But some questions might be better left unanswered ..

Through sessions with the psychiatrist and in co-operation with the police, Annie slowly begins to learn some things, and we-along with her-begin to doubt virtually every one of her closest personalities.