Educational-didactic materials in mathematics – Educational game

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Publisher: Trimax

Author: Jadranka Klisarova and Zaklina Ristovska

Computer processing: Elizabeta Angjelova and Anita Milevska

Year of publication: 2015

IISBN: 6082042014-x

Educational-didactic materials in mathematics (according to the Cambridge program) are intended for children from 4 to 8 years of age. The doctrines will help the children to properly master the basic elements of mathematical literacy: numbers, signs (+, -, =, <,>), number axis, numbers up to 100 and their collection, subtraction, multiplication and division, 2D forms , fractions, a measure of time … The material serves for practical application and facilitation in mastering the material in mathematics, both at school and at work at home.

Educational-didactic means are developed according to the standards of the mathematics curriculum, which is used in education in Macedonia.

Through activities and fun to your child’s mathematical education development!

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