Eye Collector

420 ден

Publisher:  Sakam Knigi

Year of publication: 2017

Author: Sebastian Fitzek

Original title: Der Augensammler

Number of pages: 373

Cover: soft

Ready or not, he comes … He plays the oldest childish game that exists, hide and seek. Only the Collector of the Eyes plays it to death. It’s the same every time. The collector begins by killing the mother, then kidnapping the child and giving the father forty-five hours to find him. That’s his method. They find a female body with a stopwatch in the dead mother’s tight arm. A foolish, frightened father must find his child before the boy suffers – and before the killer takes his left eye. Alexander Zorbach, an ex-policeman, now a journalist, has reported all three killings of the Collector of the Eyes. But this time is different. His wallet was found by the trunk and he is now suddenly suspected. The collector of his eyes wants Zorbach to play his game. Zorbach has exactly forty-five hours and seven minutes to save the life of a small child. And the countdown has begun …