Fall From India Place


Нема на залиха

390 ден

Нема на залиха


Publisher: Sakam Knigi

Year of publication: 207

Posted by: Samantha Yang

Original title: Fall From India Place

Language of the original: English

Language of translation: Macedonian

Number of Pages: 323

Cover: soft

The bestseller author The Dublin Street returns with an emotional tale of forgiveness, forgetting the past, and a lesson how to learn to believe in the future. At the last meeting of Hannah Nichols with Mark D’Alessandro five years ago, he breaks his heart. The bad boy with a hidden mile in him is the only type that Hannah once loved – and the only man she once was. After a passionate night when he fails to resist, Marko suddenly leaves Scotland, leaving Hana without a word. Broken by the consequences of their common night, Hannah never fails to completely forget, to forgive him for what she has done, and to go on with her life. Marko knows that what Hannah left was his biggest mistake in life and for years he regretted it, so when fate finally reunites them, he refuses to give up her without a fight. Determined to win, she tries to remind her of all the reasons why she should be together. But just when they think that perhaps