From love to hatred

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From love to hatred

Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2012

Author: Kristigan Higgins

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 350

Short content:

After her father loses all the family treasure in an illegal deal, single Parker Wells is confronted with several tough decisions. First: she must head to the Gideon Bay, Maine, to sell the only property she now owns – a small half-shore hut on the shore that requires serious arrangement. When her father’s petting, his personal lawyer James Cahill, is offered to come with her to help her, she is not thrilled, but there is no other option.

Given that she must now earn money for herself and her son, Parker begins to work in a flower farm and slowly finds herself on the road. Perhaps life without wealth is not so bad. And maybe James is not so shallow and spoiled as she thinks. But nothing is black and white. Attractive James, there are many good sides, but there are also secrets. Parker is lonely and times for a soul mate, yet she is not sure she is ready for love.