Galichica-National Park Macedonia

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Galicica National Park represents the “hotspot” of biological diversity in Europe and beyond. The rich biological diversity in the Park has a great national, European and global significance. In the Park there are 4 kinds of invertebrates and 13 of vertebrates that are considered globally threatened. The numerous endemic species of the Park give a special landmark. Some of them are found only within the boundaries of the Park, including: 29 algae taxa, 12 species of flowering plants, 61 species of invertebrates and 4 species of vertebrates. The international significance of the biodiversity in the Park is confirmed by numerous nominations, such as: “Significant vegetation area”, “UNESCO World Heritage Site”, “Primary Butterfly Area”, etc.

Of the other natural values ​​of the Park, Stara Galichica stands out with the two striking cirques and the island of Golem Grad due to the characteristic geomorphology. The park has a rich cultural heritage, including several cultural monuments, such as St. Naum Monastery, Churches of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, Sveta Bogorodica Zahumska, or the cave church Sveta Bogorodica Pestanska and the cultural heritage of the island of Golem Grad. St. Naum’s source, with its immediate surroundings, stands out with the unique combination of natural and cultural values, which makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in Macedonia.

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