Geographical Atlas (Hardcover)

500 ден


Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2015

Original title: Geographical Atlas

Language of the original: Macedonian

Number of pages: 96

ISBN: 998994077-0

Edition: fourth

Cover: hard

The 96-page Geographic Atlas for Primary Education displays the world through different types of maps. It first depicts the shape, size, and structure of the Earth, as well as its position in the Solar System. Also there are several thematic maps of the Republic of Macedonia. Including administrative, tourist and commercial maps. Then, through the atlas, there are physical, geographical, political and thematic maps for all continents and individual countries. At the end of the atlas there are statistics in which the basic data for each country in the world are presented. In addition to the atlas there is also a multimedia CD that will enable the student to better understand the world around him. Here is a digital edition of the geographical atlas (physical-geographical, political and thematic maps from around the world) and a large number of multimedia content, as well as the complete geography textbook for 5th grade. There is also a quiz for testing to test knowledge.