Goodbye, dearest


Нема на залиха

420 ден

Нема на залиха


Publisher: Sakam Knigi

Year of publication: 2016

Author: Christine Hana

Language of translation: Macedonian

Cover: soft

Number of Pages: 410

Short content:

Lexi is an orphan with a dark past, walking from home to home, when he finally ends up with his grandmother in a brand new city. And finally, she smiles at a small meeting place, so she manages to find something that resembles a home and a family. Moreover, she quickly manages to adapt and find her friend. When Lexi and Mia become best friends, and the twin of Mia, Zak, falls in love with Lexi, the three become inseparable.
Judd lives for his children – the twins Mia and Zack – and he does his best to take them on the right path and have a perfect life. But one summer night, her worst nightmare is accomplished. One decision changes the whole course of their lives. DUR to flicker with the eye, the Faraday family is crumbling, and Lexie loses everything. In the years to come, each one must face the consequences of that one night and find a way to forget … or at least the courage to forgive.