Gulliver’s trips

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Year of publication: 2010

Author: The Miladinov Brothers

Swift does not meet Gulliver who is a doctor on a boat that sails across the Pacific Ocean for East India. Because of the great storm the ship will sink, and only Gulliver is saved. When he comes to know about himself he sees the dwarfs. He will spend some time in the dwarf country – Lilliput. During this time he is familiar with their customs, judiciary, legislation, culture and other. The dwarfs are divided into two groups: supporters of the egg to break “from the top” and supporters of the egg to break “from the gaze.” Since Gulliver is at the forefront, he helps them defend themselves from the fleet of the latter, but when the king wants Guliver to destroy the entire fleet, Guliver refuses to help him in that intention.