He said, she said

410 ден


Publisher: Kultura

Year of publication: 2016

Author: Lee Child

Language of the original: English

Original title: Make me

Language of translation: Macedonian

Number of Pages: 429

ISBN: 9789989328367

As one of the main columnists of Stilleto, Grace Brighton has been celebrated warning women of broken, unfaithful liars. She just never doubted that her fiancé could be one of them. Jake Malone wants to return to his old adventurous, spontaneous life and knows exactly how to do it. Oxford opens a new travel section, and Jake – without a wife, children and ready to live anywhere – is perfect for work … only his reputation as a playboy does not give much confidence to his boss. To get the job, he must agree on a joint project with Stilleto. But after just one meeting with the irresistible, insolent and sensational Grace Brighton, Jake begins to take this task a lot more seriously.