Into the darkest corner

420 ден

Original title of the book: Into the darkest corner

Year of publication: 2012
Publishing House: Sakam knigi
Number of Pages: 430
Cover: soft
Language: Macedonian
Four years ago …
Catherine Bailey has enjoyed her life as a free girl for too long to be able to recognize a good guy who is worth keeping in order to finally start something seriously. The beautiful, charismatic and spontaneous Lee looks too perfect to be realistic. And her friends obviously agree, because each one falls to his charm. But what begins as a strong attraction and passionate sex turns into unhealthy jealousy, and Katherine realizes that Lee has another, much darker side. His aggressive and possessive behavior begins to scare her terribly, but nobody believes her when she shares her fears. Controlled every second of the day and isolated from everything hidden in the darkest corner of her world, the desperate Catherine makes a flight plan.

After four years …
Lee is behind bars, and Catherine – now Kathy – possesses the door and windows of her apartment, because she does not trust anyone. But when an attractive neighbor, Stuart, enters her life, Kathy finally dares to hope that love and happiness may be possible after all … until the day she receives a phone call by announcing that Lee is soon out of prison. Until the day he begins to find moving objects around his apartment … one of Lee’s old tricks. Confident that he has been returned, Cathy is preparing this time to fight the demons of his past.