Just the sexiest man alive

390 ден


Publisher: Sakam Knigi

Year of publishing: 2011

Author: Julie James

Original title: Just the sexiest man alive

Language of the original: English

Language of translation: Macedonian

Number of pages: 352

Calm, cold, focused … Nothing can blind him and deconcentrate Taylor Donovan. In the courtroom she never allows her opponent to see it nervous. In her private life, she never allows a man to play with her. So when she gets the assignment to teach the Sexiest Man who exists for the legal thriller he needs to record, she refuses to fall to the charm of the greatest heartbreak of all time. No matter what he is Jason Endrs … Confident, Popular, Irresistible … Jason Andders is accustomed to women falling before his feet. He treats them as scenarios: if they do not keep their attention, he throws them in half an hour. When Taylor Donovan coldly rejects everything he asks for, he is frustrated …