Learn the nature

199 ден


Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2013

Author: Jadranka Klisarova and Zaklina Ristovska

Original title: Meet Nature

Language of the original: Macedonian

Number of parties: 48

ISBN: 608-204-117-8

Cover: hard

Nature is wonderful, generous and beautiful. Nature needs to be loved and kept. We have dedicated this book to our beloved Nature. We start with the seasons, the planet earth and the description of nature. In nature there are varied plants that have different fruits that are eaten or not. We have a division of plants of vegetables and fruits, fresh or preserved, cereals, industrial plants, medicinal plants, evergreen and deciduous trees, meadows and plants. Each part of this educational book abounds with descriptions and images, with longer and shorter texts and songs. All this is done for the child to get to know nature, to determine his knowledge and to learn something new, which he has not yet known about Nature. The book is designed for children up to 10 years of age and can be used at home or at school, but in any case it is full of useful information and images that complement the whole. We complement nature with a book that every child wants, a book that will keep the attention of every child, and will encourage him to be friends with nature and explore it.

Entertaining, educational and picture book We are collaborating with nature. Give your child the nature. Encourage him to learn, explore and meet. When you accomplish these three things, it will know how to protect nature and how to nurture it. When bundling the book, the rules taken by the Bureau of Education are respected. The book is made according to the school curriculum. Learn nature through interesting texts, beautiful illustrations and clear descriptions. Additional literature for your child. Nature is: Wonderful – because many species of plants, animals, and humans live on it. Captivating – because it provides living conditions for the whole living world. Beautiful – because everything that is created from it has its own special beauty.