Macedonia administrative card

3.000 ден


Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2016

Dimensions: 140 x 100

Size: 1: 190 000

Fabrication: Printed on 115 g / m2 cones. Plasticized and framed with moldings.

The use of this map does not require previous knowledge of geography, so it can be used by those who need to deepen their modest knowledge of geography and of course for hobbyists. The political map of Macedonia can also be used in schools in the subject geography, so instead of theoretical narration, the emphasis in the map is placed on mastering new teaching units through exercises with practical work and visual display. On the map with appropriate symbols and toponyms the major settlements, rivers, lakes, roads, baths, monasteries, petrol stations, hotels, motels, are marked with … It contains all municipalities in Macedonia, colored in different colors, and the main ones are marked centers of each of the municipalities.