Macedonia and the Macedonians in the Bible – Bible truth

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Author: Prof.Ratomir Grozdanoski, Ph.D Protodeacon;

Editors: Academician Gjorgi Pop-Atanasov and

Prof. Gjoko Gjorgjevski,Ph.D;

Year of publishing: 2018;

Language of the original: Macedonian/English

Number of pages: 128


Full Color print on quality paper.

With the blessing from His Beatitude Stefan Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.


God speaks about Macedonia.

And what said God about Macedonia? Are the Macedonians mentioned?

Is  there the name Macedonia in the Bible?

Is there any Macedonians in the Holy Scriptures?

Are the Macedonian churches mentioned in the Bible?

Is all this true? Is this written in your Bible?

And who wrote it? When and for whom? Whose is she desire and at whose will?

It is only once written somewhere in the Bible, accidental, irrelevant and unnecessary, as the mistake?

Not once, but almost thirty times is written; it is not irrelevant and unnecessary, but with particular significance and is not subsequently added, but it is in the biblical text always and until to today ‒ Ther is in the oldest and in the latest Bibles, and the same in the oldest and in the most modern languages.

This is exactly what we offer in this book, dear readers.

Go ahead, read it and make sure.

We make for you a reference from separate biblical texts in 7 languages…