Macedonia with churches and monasteries

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2016

Dimensions: 96 x 66 cm

Size: 1: 300 000

Production: Printed on a congus 115 g / m2. Varnished. Packed in a bag.

ISBN: 998994068-1

On the map Macedonia is represented the whole road and rail network, starting from highways, regional, regional and local roads, which can lead you to any desired destination. The map also presents the coverage of the dioceses of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, and with small symbols are presented all the more important churches and monasteries. With appropriate symbols and toponyms all populated places from 50 to 700 000 inhabitants are marked, then almost all mountains, rivers, lakes, airports, archaeological sites, baths, mines, hotels, motels … In the map, on the other side, there is a brief description of the larger churches and monasteries, from when they are dating, from which are built, the more important events that happened during the past, etc., The map was created under the coordination of prof. Dr. Ratomir Grozdanoski, professor at the Orthodox Theological Faculty in Skopje.

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