Maybe sometimes


Нема на залиха

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Нема на залиха


Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2015

Original title: Maybe someday

Author: Colin Hoover

Cover: soft

Number of Pages: 318

Short content:

Sidney lives in an idyllic bubble, she has a job she enjoys, lives with her best friend Tori, she has a wonderful boy and free to listen to incredible live music from the balcony opposite her. But when Sydney learns that her boyfriend is cheating her and with her best friend, the idyllic bubble shoots. She suddenly remains without Hunter, without Tory, without a roof over her head and without a job.

Then in the game enters the mysterious and appealing neighbor, Rogge, who stands behind the music that comes from the opposite balcony. he is already partly known, although they are not really known, because Sidney is dragged on his music and can not stop watching and listening as he passionately plays the guitar on his balcony. He offers a way out of the seemingly hopeless situation, proposing and writing songs together, and thus gives a lie that she can go on.