Nanoniche method of the law of truth

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Publisher: Niche Dimovski Makedon

Year of publication: 2012

Author: Niche Dimovski Makedon

Title of the original: Nanoniche method of the law of truth

Language of the original: Macedonian

Number of parties: 175

Cover: soft

In 2012, the world globally enters a new dimensional change in the thinking process. A new era of human wisdom will emerge, and its main characteristic will be the discovery of the source of endless energy. This is a change that the Ancient Macedonians, Mayans, Toltecs and many other civilizations speak, which through the written word left a stamp in the past. That’s exactly the message for us from a long time ago. Entering the new era of spirituality will open up opportunities that can not even be imagined at the moment because of the lack of human capacity to perceive things.

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