OHRID tourist guide English / Serbian / Dutch

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2015

Author: Group of authors

Title of the original: Ohrid Tourist guide English / Serbian / Dutch

Language of the original: English / Serbian / Dutch

Photo: Vlaho Brangolica, MA

Number of Pages: 104

ISBN – 10: 608- 204 -195-x

ISBN – 13: 978-608-204-195-7

Cover: soft

Through various segments of the cultural and historical development road of Ohrid, this Guide presents his most significant features and sights: sacred and profane objects, cultural-historical and memorial monuments, entertainment manifestations and other aspects of life in the city. The guide is full of photos, illustrations and maps. Ohrid is represented as a city of tradition and a city of the present. With the guide you can easily navigate around the city and the surrounding area. This edition contains current data for hotels, restaurants, bookstores, places to visit, travel agencies, etc.