On Dublin Street


Нема на залиха

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Нема на залиха


On Dublin Street

Publisher:Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2014

Posted by: Samantha Yang

Title of the original: On Dublin Street

Language of the original: English

Language of translation: Macedonian

Number of Pages: 361

Cover: soft

Summary: Jolly Butler has been hiding and running away from her past for years. But now all of her secrets are threatening to expose …

Four years ago, Josseline left her tragic past in America by starting a new life in Scotland, burying her pain, ignoring her own demons and moving forward without emotional stunts. Her solitary life works pretty well-until she moves to a new apartment in Dublin Street where she meets a girl who obviously wants to become a friend and a man who wants to become something more. But what they do not know is that Jocelyn does not want to tie in with friends and especially does not want a man who could pierce the shield and to bring down all the fortresses she has built to her.

Braden Carmichael is accustomed to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Jocelyn in bed. Just an ugly, cold and mysterious girl is the one that darts his interest, although there may be almost every woman she wants. But stubborn Scot will not be satisfied even when he achieves the original goal because he wants more than every day. And she will not give up until she meets her … to the core of her soul.