Osogovo Mountains

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The Osogovo Mountains are a high and massive mass that dominates the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia. As a natural whole that extends in two states, the Osogovo mountain massif covers a total area of ​​1,535 km2. Its surface is the second mountain in Macedonia, along the mountain massif of Jakupica, and its highest peak is Ruen (2,252 m). The relief of the Osog mountain massif is represented by high, flattened and long mountainous beaches, which are broken down by deep river valleys, volcanic and craters. Beside the plant, a significant relief element is the river valleys that are characterized by gorges.

The tourist site Ponikva, covered with dense beech forest and a variety of lawn vegetation, is located 20 km north of Kocani, in the hills of the Osogovo Mountains at 1,580 m above sea level. Due to the favorable climate, Ponikva is an extraordinary place for the development of summer and winter tourism.
At the seaside, there are built-up capacities and sports and recreational facilities, there is a resort, ski trails, 2 ski lifts, weekend settlements, restaurant and motel, and especially the Osogovo main reserve, rich in trophic game: elk, shingles, and wild pigs.

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