Safe children’s world

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Publisher: Trimax

Author: Jadranka Klisarova

Year of publication: 2017

ISBI: 608204239-5

Number of parties: 48

Cover: Hard

Childhood is the most beautiful part of every person’s life. The child has the right to grow in a safe environment, surrounded by his family, peers, relatives and friends. The child in childhood lives freely as a bird, plays with his comrades and develops curiosity. Sometimes the innocent children’s game brings them in danger. Therefore, through the collection of short stories “Safe Children’s World” I want to protect the children and offer them the opportunity to study on the other’s mistakes.

The short stories cover four topics:

– Dangers at home

– Traffic safety

– Security from unknowns

– Internet security.

Traveling through the pages of the book, I wish you safe children’s dreams and days.

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