Seven years later

199 ден


Publisher: Toper

Year of publication: 2013

Author: Guillaume Miso

Language of the original: French

Language of translation: Macedonian

Number of Pages: 342

Cover: soft

Bohemian and artistic with a dangerous character, Niki will bring in a whirlwind of freshness in the stable and unseemly middle life of Sebastian. They are examples of two completely opposite characters, but love will flare between them with unthinkable intensity. They will soon be married and receive the twins Kamila and Jeremy.

But the marriage inevitably goes to the bitter end: condemnation, scandals, despair … After a hectic divorce, the two parents receive guardianship for one child. Sebastoyan’s daughter will educate her strictly, while Niki will have a milder attitude towards the son and look through his fingers for his childish absurdities.

The years have gone unnoticed. Both will once again build their lives as far apart as possible. When one day Jeremy vanishes, there is a dilemma. Did he run away from home? Or is he kidnapped? Nicky has no choice but to address his former husband, whom he has not seen for almost seven years. In order to save what is most important to them, Sebastian and Niki will have to join forces and look for their son. The proximity is doing its own thing, so they will feel the attractiveness they have long felt and will wonder if it is really lost forever …