Silk Road


Нема на залиха

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Нема на залиха

Publisher: Kultura

Year of publication: 2015

Author: Colin Falconer

Language of the original: English

Original title: Silk Road

Language of translation: Macedonian

Number of parties: 578

ISBN: 9789989328015

1260. Zhosran Sarazini is a man with a sad soul, a knight of the Order of Templar who haunts a shameful past and who seeks salvation in the dangerous crusade, the journey from Palestine to Zanadu – the capital of the Mongol Empire to find an ally against the Saracens in the courtyard of the legendary Kublai Kan . Instead, he finds consolation in the princess-warrior, the beautiful and untamed Kutelun, a member of the Tatarca barbaric tribe from the Mongolian steppes. Although their alliance seemingly impossible, the princess in Zosran will find what she can not find in any of her tribe. While flying the desert winds, haunting the hordes of the Saracens and tormenting the passion that can not be tamed, Zhosran has to leave Kutelong if he wants to finish his journey and save his soul. The road can not imagine him worse because he travels with William, a dominoes obsessed with a religious rapture, whose life he swore to keep. However, the worst of all is what, khg