Skopje Tourist guide Turkish-Bulgarian-Dutch

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2014

Author: Group of authors

Title of the original: Skopje Tourist guide is trilingual

Language of the original: Turkish, Bulgarian and Dutch

Photo: Vlaho Brangolica, MA

Number of parties: 160

ISBN – 10: 608-204-168-2

ISBN – 13: 978-608-204-168-1

Cover: soft

Edition: First

This is a Guide that allows you to approach Skopje. A guide you go through space and time, from the past to the present. More than 640 photographs illustrations and maps: What to visit, where to stay. Where to eat, where to have fun. This is a Guide you must have, A Guide to Feel the Soul of Skopje. You will see his beauty, you will experience his dynamic rhythm, but also peace and tranquility.

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