SKOPJE tourist guide

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2010

Author: Group of authors

Title of the original: Skopje Tourist Guide

Language of the original: Macedonian / English

Photo: Vlaho Brangolica, MA

Number of parties: 144

ISBN – 10: 608-204-013-9

ISBN – 13: 978-608-204-013-4

Cover: soft

Edition: First

Skopje, from an ancient past to the present, with over 700 photos, illustrations and maps to visit, where to stay, where to eat … The guide contains a city map with all the streets and more important objects, theaters, museums, hospitals, cinemas, index for easier mapping. Skopje’s guide covers the centuries-old existence of Skopje: through selected factual data and photos, changes in the appearance of the city and the norms of living in it in different time periods are followed. The guide starts with a brief presentation of Macedonia and a map, basic data such as location, population, flag, language, natural beauties, art old and new. After presenting Macedonia and its beauties, the guide represents the city of Skopje, as a location, mountains, rivers, and so on. a legend for Skopje, history of archaeological sites, up to modern Skopje.

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