The Girl Vrana


Нема на залиха

420 ден

Нема на залиха


Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2015

Author: Eric Axl Sund

Language of translation: Macedonian

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 379

A dead boy in a mummified state appears in the metro station in the center of Stockholm. Apart from being brutally murdered, the boy is castrated and no one seems to be looking for anywhere. While police are tapping into place, with almost no traces, a number of killed immigrant-killed immigrants appear in various places in Stockholm, officially out of nowhere, and no one is looking for them. The investigator conducting the investigation, Janet Kielberg, is slowly beginning to uncover a whole network of pedophiles and traffickers with children and requests assistance from a psychiatrist whose specialty is exactly the children and the traumas of childhood. Someone who can explain how a pedophile is thinking.

Sofia Zetrtlund is currently focused on two patients: Samuel Bai, a hard-hitting child soldier and Victoria Bergman, a woman with deep, unhealed wounds from childhood. Victoria is especially fascinated, she has never worked with such a complicated client in her career. Why is Bergman so despised by weakness and what weakness?

Sofia Zetelund and Jeanette Kilberg begin to cooperate and face the same question: how much suffering can it bring and cause a man before he ceases to be a man and become a monster?