The truth of Pitia

420 ден


Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2015

Author: Eric Axl Sund

Language of translation: Macedonian

Cover: soft

Number of Pages: 319

An investigation into the brutal killings of immigrant boys is still in place. In parallel with her there is another murderer who, with terrible murders, retaliates against former students at a school where she learned the secretive Victoria Bergman. Jeannet reveals that there is something that links two different investigations – a hidden motivation in which there is no shortage of humanity. Nothing is the way it looks. when masks are falling and all are showing the true faces, Jeanette is left at the mercy of the forces of evil.

Psychiatrist Sophia Zetelund is trying to help Jeanette, but she is trapped in enough of her problems with the complicated Victoria Bergman.

How will the endangered maze of psychoanalysis end, remains uncertain until the very end.