The underground republic

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publishing: 2011

Author: Vanco Gorgiev

Original title: The underground republic

Language of the original: Macedonian

Number of Pages: 509

ISBN: 608-204-042-2

Edition: second

Cover: soft

When this work gets into the hands of a reader, a scientist, or a common believer who is interested in history, he will not leave anyone indifferent. This is primarily due to the style of writing, the large number of well-coordinated data, carefully selected words for explaining the many ambiguities in the vividly clear history of the Macedonian liberation movement … The author does not hide the things that can cause various reactions and comments on the activity Damjan Gruev. He was a man of character, with virtues, but also flaws. He knew how to evaluate, but also to sin … This is a great book, so that he can be a quick reading guide. This book will cause interest and controversy with all those who deal with the history of the Macedonian liberation movement in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia, but also in the neighboring countries. Here, they will find Dame Gruev, such as he was … (Prof. Dr. Dalibor Jovanovski) D. Gruev, was an elastic, insightful and practical mind, less of a theory than of a work. In practice, he had something short in irony and the method of disseminating the liberating idea … His inductive manner and faith in the people’s forces greatly facilitated the propaganda. These qualities were created by a rare organizer – an apostle. (First President of the Central Committee of the MRO, Hristo Tatarchev, for Dame Gruev) Gruev is a Macedonian born and lives in Macedonia … He has a great influence not only in Macedonia, but also the Bulgarian and Serbian governments. The Turkish government has rated its head of 5,000 liras. Mr. Gruev is a relatively young man, with a beautiful biblical character … (Russian newspaper New Time for Dame Gruev 1905)