The world is not a factory for fulfilling desires

370 ден


Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2014

Author: John Green

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 255

Short content:

Diagnosed with thyroid cancer for thirty years, Haizel is ready to die, a year later, the cancer suddenly disappears … at least for now.

After two years, she still snaps into place and waits to see what will happen. Although she stands in place as her life is paused, the years pass, and at the age of sixteen, Haizel has virtually nothing. He does not go to school, he does not know how many friends, he has no normal life. There is only one miracle left behind and still lives in fear that the miracle is no wonder but that the disease will one day come back to pay its price. Then the support group for cancer patients was introduced to Augustus Waters. He is a wonderful, handsome, funny, winner of his cancer-shocking for Heisel-interested in her.

Augustus is also an unexpected destination and a much needed journey that will completely change Hazel, and with it and you as readers …