traffic world

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2014

Title of the original: A Broken World

Language of the original: Macedonian

Number of Pages: 32

ISBN: 608204175 5

Cover: soft

Educational picture book with thumbnails, write-delete part, exercises, for traffic.

Dear parents, this is a picture book – a job that will help your kids to walk the streets and safely get to school, shop, at home, at a friend … With this picture book, through play, fun and hanging out will become reliable traffic participants.

Dear child, in the work you will discover and learn about many traffic situations, traffic rules and traffic signs. They all point to your traffic safety. A busy world is a workbook designed for students of 6-10 years. Traffic signs and rules should be respected. If you respect them, you will be safe in the traffic wherever you move. To be a participant in traffic means to be friends with your mates when cycling, hiking, driving by bus, train or other vehicle. But always obey the traffic rules and signs, be the presenter of the culture in traffic.

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