United Nations 1945-2015

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Publisher: Trimax

Year of publication: 2015

Original title: United Nations 1945-2015

Author: Slavomir Marinkovic

ISBN: 608-204-2015-8

Feed: soft

Number of pages: 80

The book “United Nations, 1945-2015” is a chronology of events in the world directly related to the establishment and existence of the United Nations. These are the events that have occurred in the world in the past 70 years, and they have had an impact on world peace, on the security of the world, on its development, first on the political and economic plane. All peacekeeping missions that the UN has been conducting since 1948 have been presented. Events that do not have an immediate connection with the UN are especially noted, but affect the activities of the Organization in the field of social development, cultural, health, economic and other types of cooperation.

The chronological review is preceded by a preface in which the actions and activities that contributed to the development of thought were noticed, for the need of a general world organization that would take care of peace in the world and for an equal relationship between states.