Water for Elephants

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Water for Elephants

Publisher: Matica

Year of publishing: 2007

Posted by: Sara Gruen

Language of translation: Macedonian

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 393

Short content

Full of surprises, ironic and entertaining, this novel represents a magical pairing under the circus tent and in the heart of the heroes. They remain alive in the reader’s consciousness for a long time after reading the last page, and the world created in it is so realistic that you feel his breath.

Although Jacob Jankovski does not talk about the memories, they are still alive in him. The remarks of the smallness, when he took the whims of fate into the bargain train of the most spectacular circus performance of the world of the Benzine brothers. Memories of the world of freaks and clowns, pain, anger, love and passion, a world full of narrow irrational rules, with their own way of living and their own way of dying. The world of the circus was for him salvation and earthly hell.