Shipping rules

1. What do we deliver? Can all of our products be shipped or subject to certain restrictions?

Trimax will be able to deliver all products presented on the website, be it a book, a CD with music or a movie, a map (either road or wall), as well as visual aids. When delivering glassware or items that contain a piece made of glass, they will need to be carefully packed to prevent damage during delivery (Handle with care – Fragile).

2. When do we deliver?

Depending on the place of delivery, we will calculate the date and time of delivery according to the order and the options you will choose when ordering a certain product (s). The estimated delivery date and time will be emailed to you to see and confirm if the specified parameters suit you.

3. Where do we deliver?

Want to order from our website? We will be able to virtually send the product to any address in the world. There is currently no ban on a product that will not be able to be shipped to international destinations.

4. How do we deliver?

We have a wide selection of delivery of our products. You can choose it depending on the way you pay for a particular product you have ordered and depending on the speed of delivery. Will it be by mail, with a delivery company or by air, by DHL, IPS, etc.

5. Shipping Prices

Depending on the place of delivery, the delivery time will vary. If it is a classic shipment: In Macedonia, the shipment will be delivered in a period of 2-5 working days. Outside Macedonia: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro 7-10 working days. Europe up to 10 working days. England up to 12 working days. America and Australia up to 15 working days. Asia and Japan up to 20 working days. Shipment prices will vary depending on the size of the shipment and the time it takes for the shipment to arrive. You will be notified about everything in a timely manner from the moment the shipment is ordered. You will receive an email from the order administrator informing you in detail of all available options.

6. How can I track an order that has been shipped?

You will be able to track your shipment if you have the shipment number. The delivery method and the deliverer will be sent to your e-mail address where you will be notified of the status of your shipment at any time.

7. Store Upgrade Option

Depending on the delivery address, your shipment may be delivered to the nearest post office where you can pick it up. Of course, this will depend on the choice of delivery when ordering products from the website.