About Us

Trimaks Bookstores were established in 2000 in Skopje, Macedonia.

Trimaks employees are in charge of sales and service:

Bookstores management: Rozeta Jankovska, Marija Dimitrova.
Bookstores sales persons: Katarina Jankovska, Frosina Zdraveska, Marina Cimburovska, Sanja Nedeljcic, Elena Kakievska, Suzana Levajkovska, Snezana Tanevska, Dragica Stanisavovska, Kristina K. Topcic.
Bookstores and online sales – There are nine bookstores that operate successfully and are known among consumers. Seven bookstores in Skopje in four municipalities (Aerodrom, Kisela Voda, Centar, and Karposh), one bookstore in Kriva Palanka, and one bookstore in Ohrid.
– Bookstores offer a variety of products such as school supplies, backpacks and bags, hammers and kraft programs, office supplies and suitcases, editions – children’s editions, reading materials and popular fiction, gift program, and greeting cards. The editions and cartography program can be found in all Trimaks bookstores.
– In addition to publications, bookstores also offer services such as photocopying and printing of materials in black and white and color, sending emails, binding scripts, and plasticizing.
– Bookstores constantly organize promotions and discounts on products. Has developed a loyalty program through club cards that can be picked up for free at any bookstore. Bookstores also work with Lyoness (Cashback word).
– Bookstores cooperate with many companies that buy office supplies in cash or on the invoice. It has also developed a loyal program for legal entities to shop at a discount, and delivers materials to the company.
– The employees in the bookstores are energetic and proactive people who take great care of the bookstores and offer fast and quality service to the consumers.
– Online sales – In addition to sales in bookstores Trimaks has developed online sales through several sales channels: the website www.knizarnicitrimaks.mk, Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/trimaks.mk/, mail orders, and orders by phone. Trimax has a large fleet and cooperates with several fast post offices in order to timely and quality delivery of ordered products.

Career with Trimax
Trimaks is constantly looking for creative and talented young people. Although at the moment we do not have a vacancy for positions, we need to replenish our base of potential employees. Therefore, anyone who is interested in working in our points of sale – bookstores in Skopje, can send us their CV to the following e-mail: rozetajankovska@trimaks.mk


THE MISSION of our company is to meet the needs of our customers and associates. We work every day to create or bring new products and improve services for our customers.
THE VISION of our company is for all children and students to receive quality education and to learn and grow with and in our bookstores.
THE PRINCIPLES of our company are based on the values ​​we believe in and respect: partnership and cooperation; our clients, our partners and associates are the basis of our existence and action.

Reliable partner in everyday work
Your bookstore
Closer to you
Teaching aids in everyday education
We map the world.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE declares that the main goal of the management and the entire staff is to provide a quality service and product to its customers that meets all the normative requirements and is in accordance with their requirements, needs and expectations.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will continuously monitor the level of satisfaction of the clients and will study and fulfill their recommendations, requests and complaints in order to use them to improve the services and products offered.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE takes care of long-term and quality cooperation with all interested parties.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will take care of the continuous training and education of the employees as the main leverage of the Quality Management System.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will support the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2015.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is committed to identifying internal and external issues and expectations, as well as the risks and opportunities for continuous improvement of the quality of the services and products offered.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will strive to identify and eliminate all risks and disadvantages that can lead to loss of customer confidence and reduced profits.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE applies a process period to the creation and maintenance of the Quality Management System and for that purpose performs identification, planning, introduction, control and continuous improvement of all processes that have an impact on the quality of all services and products.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE guarantees to its client’s correctness and maximum fulfillment of the undertaken commitments.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is committed to meeting the requirements of the legal regulations in the area of ​​protection of the working and the environment, as well as keeping the resources and investments in the best possible way.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is committed to identifying all aspects of the environment that are coming or can be reached and placing under control the significant aspects of the environment.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will constantly strive to improve its activities and services in accordance with the environment, by consistently respecting the laws, regulations and standards.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE will make every effort to preserve the health and safety of all stakeholders in business activities.
TRIMAKS DOO SKOPJE is obligated to perform all activities in accordance with the relevant regulations and laws for protection of health and safety at work.
CEO Goran Dimitrov
Skopje, 03.01.2022