An irresistible love

390 ден


Publisher: Sakam knigi

Year of publication: 2015

Author: Julie James

Original title: Love irresistibly

Language of translation: Macedonian

Cover: soft

Number of pages: 302

Short content:

Cage Morgan, a former rugby star and one of the most famous public prosecutors in Chicago, is determined to arrest the most corrupt state senator, which means he needs help from Brook Parker. As a general adviser and law firm of a restaurant company, she can voice the mass of the senator at one of their luxury restaurants for the FBI to collect evidence. All that Ced should do is convince Brooke to cooperate, and he is not afraid to use his charm – and his power – to do it.

Despite being a notorious public prosecutor, Brooke is not afraid of Cain Morgan’s threats, nor plans to fall to his charm. After a series of disappointments with the male sex, she has no intention of attaching importance to any man, and especially not to this one. But when several surprising and unexpected events make a turn in the lives of the two, what is squealing among them begins to become rather irresistible.